As Time Goes By

Days became weeks and we continued to labor and greet campers into our little sanctuary.  We had scouts, schools, groups of friends, churches, and clubs.  Each was different and interesting and we met some really cool people and a few old grouches.

By this time we had a telephone attached to a pole in our side yard and I would stand leaning against the pole and call Mom in Indiana.  Not long after, Danny was able to snake the wire through the screen, under the window and we had inside phone service.  Still hauling the nasty to the pit toilets via the blue boy, and internet connection was 5 miles down the mountain.  

Now that the prep work was completed for the campground we added a few new duties to our schedule.  We manned the gate where people entered for day use, fishing, and picnicking.  This included collecting fees, handing out pamphlets, and giving directions.  It also including chasing off those who wanted to sneak in without paying and putting up with comments about how taxpayers should not have to pay to use the national forests.  Yeah, yeah, whatever. 

An activity which we particularly enjoyed was going up and down the mountain in a Forest Service truck picking up trash at overlook points.  I'm not kidding, this was loads of fun.  We got to talk to all kinds of people who thought we were Forest Rangers (our uniforms looked very official).  Occasionally we would find money, lots of cigarette butts, and other items we didn't want to think about.  We also were able to stand and look over the beautiful Catalina Mountains at some of the most breathtaking views anywhere.  Every now and then we'd say to one another, "and we're getting paid for this!"

Life is GOOD!

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