So now it's getting real and we need to find a place to call "home on the road".  We did a few forays into camper territory trying to decide what fit our needs and budget.   Danny had towed a fold-down camper during our early camping years, and thought he'd be most comfortable towing a travel trailer.  Even though I really wanted to go with a fifth wheel, I knew who would be doing the driving, so deferred to his judgement.

We found a really nice couple selling their 23' travel trailer, excellent condition, lots of nice features, felt spacious and open.  We were now the proud owners of an RV and felt sooooo official.  We could hardly wait for the campground to open so we could report for duty.

Opening day finally arrived and, with the help of some good friends, we made the hour and a half trek to our site.  Turned out we were to be in charge of the group camp, and the only hosts at that location.  It was so exciting to begin setting up, unpacking, cleaning and raking the site of pine needles.  Our friends pitched in and we later enjoyed a good meal under the beautiful pine canopy. 

As evening approached we said our goodbyes and watched their tailights recede down the dirt road.  I felt an overwhelming loneliness as I realized where we were and what a tiny and remote speck we were on this planet.  Wondering what the heck we had gotten ourselves into, we went inside.

We had no phone service, no tv reception, and no sewer on-site.  (Danny would soon get very familiar with the blue boy.)  With nothing else to do and being tired from the busy afternoon, I decided to turn in .  Things were going swimmingly until I turned on the bedroom light, reached to turn down the covers and almost TOUCHED the biggest wolf spider I've ever seen!  The scream brought Danny immediately and he dispatched the darn thing post haste.  This was followed by a thorough search of the entire bedroom to assure we weren't sharing quarters with any other critters.

It sure was dark and quiet.  Day 1 completed.

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