We didn't have long to wait. Within a couple of weeks we had offers from Mt. Lemmon AZ, Lake Bomoseen VT, and a remote sight in Washington state. As much as we would have loved going to Vermont, common sense prevailed and we accepted the Mt. Lemmon gig.
At the time we were still very much homeowners with all the baggage that implies. You know, you don't own a home - it owns you. There were plants to water, bills to pay, and rocks to rake (very little grass in AZ). The Mt. Lemmon job was an hour and a half from home so it seemed prudent to go with that one.

We had a little over a month to report for duty, but we don't wait well so up the mountain we went to scope out the campgrounds. Turned out there are four Forest Service campgrounds on the mountain and we had no idea which one would be ours. All were closed for the winter so we parked the car and hiked in about a mile to get a look. It was a cold blustry day with snow and ice still clinging along creek banks, wind stinging our cheeks, eyes and noses running.

Our hearts sank as we rounded a turn and the clearly marked "host" sites came into view. Only one had on-site sewage, and all were clinging precariously to the side of the mountain. Did I mention we're at 7400' at this point? Not one level site, or anything resembling a pad or driveway. We looked at one another and I went to shelter behind a pile of dirt, perching on a cold cold rock. Danny went exploring.

All the way down that winding mountain road we discussed the possibilities. If we could just snag the site with the sewer we decided we'd make it work. It was, after all, supposed to be an adventure.

Next on the agenda - find and buy a house on wheels.

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